About Us

Lookfabulousllc was birthed out from 3 fabulous brands! I was named Lashfabulous from the various exotic, most different lashes that I would wear! Most definitely out of the box and not your ordinary. It was always a passion and dream to have my own lash line! Dreams come true!

Never would I imagine that I would be handpicking them, deciding names, or even testing them. However, here we are today with a lash line by Lashfabulous!

I Love to crochet! I had to find a way to marry my hobby in as well as make it a fabulous brand therefore bringing that into fruition also!

This is an evolving brand that will continue to flourish! I will only offer and bring you the best! I’m not only the founder but a client as well! I thank you for your continued support of the Look Fabulous Brand!!

Please feel free to drop me a line as well as send me a picture in your lashes!

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