Why Mink Lashes

Ladies, how often are you put in the position of should I go or not? Often times, it is depending on what our appearance is for the night. Make up or no? What will I wear? I want natural look with a little enhancing. How do you achieve this look day or night? Well, Mink Lashes are your answer!

Mink lashes are made from real mink and gives you a full, natural looking appearance. These lashes are cruelty free, very light, and flexible allowing you to use them for multiple occasions.

Because the lashes are mink and not synthetic they are very durable and able to withstand more wears.  Mink Strip Lashes can be worn up to 20 times, sometimes more with proper care.

When selecting your lashes, consider the occasion in which you are purchasing, the shape of your eyes, and what you expect from them.

There are many replicas and various styles of mink lashes that can be purchased form the store. Be careful not to get ones that are handmade and not bulk manufactured. They should be real mink and not faux.

When removing lashes from packaging and your eyes, make it a practice to use tweezers, and keep them in a cool dry place away from moisture.

If unaware of the correct application, contact a certified lash tech or MUA to ensure proper fit,

To begin your mink lash shopping head over to lookfabulous.live and shop the lash collection.

Lashfabulous, the name behind the brand 




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